Gut feeling for personality

Think tank for work

Shooting vibes for style

I have a decade of experience developing wide range of work in Fashion, Sports, Entertainment Media, Mobile, Tech, Beer and Music industry

Data streams come to mind in no particular order —

Love meeting new people and to travel (what a cliché)

Explore what is not known

Close to death by a falling cocount in Thailand

I love coconuts

Jungle looking flats feels like home

Jumped through a glass door as a kid playing made up Superhero "the Battery Man"

Several digital identities 

Writing about reality

I remind you of someone you know (most of the time)

Watching people in metro and imagine their background based on body language

Friend asked me recently "who are you?" and laughed

Wrote a poem on a first date to see her reaction, it was to much

Quit drinking alcohol for one year as an experiment. People got offended

First place in shot put contest amongst people twice my height

Imagining I'm Bruce Lee when I kick-box

Imagining I'm Buddha when I meditate

Went to summer program at AADA NYC to explore acting, just for fun


#sosomov is the playground of my adventures



Viacom Global, 70 Agency Stockholm, Dallas Stockholm, Roi Division Stockholm, SNASK Stockholm



MTV Global, Ericsson Global, One Plus Global, Electrolux Stockholm, Metro Global, Fox Stockholm, Svensk Radio, SVT, L'Oréal Stockholm, Tetra Pak Global, Happy Plugs Global, Sony Global, Sportamore



D&AD Award, Wood & Yellow pencil MTV Global Rebrand
Promax Award for MTV Pride Dutch Campaign
Eyes and Ears Award for MTV Pride Dutch Campaign